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Granville homes is a faith-based Development Company. We have homes for modern families with a focus on             "How people live".

Victorians were relational homes, each home was different, and each had its own personality.

They were social homes where neighbors connected with each other via the deep-covered wrap-around porches providing hospitality.         


The Atlantic Monthly in 1897 said, "The Victorian Modern Home ( 1897 modern) was a home family wanted to live in even if they didn't like each other".  Our Brand of copyrighted Victorian and Neo-Victorian designs with their private, dignified, separate, levels perfect that sentiment today.


When designed and built together as a neighborhood they had an identity.

With traditional and Neo-Victorian designs, Granville will continue to bring back, with a few changes, what once worked in America.



Granville house Victorians is an innovator in the single-family home sector.

A Bridgebuilder of sorts.

The Victorian era was symbolized by the railroad  connecting parts of the country to promote growth and commerce

Bridges and tunnels were ingenious structures built FOR the PURPOSE of crossing remote and imposing areas.

Granville uses its copyrighted designs WITH the PURPOSE of bridging remote or underserved markets with ingenious designs. 

Architecture often supplies the virtues society lacks.  


FOR THE PURPOSE of Creating-                               Created WITH A PURPOSE -

      1. The Multi-Gen Home                                                1. The Six-level Home

      2. True Neighborhoods                                                 2. A "Christmas Court" 

      3. Mitigate marginal sites                                             3. Our "Works of Art"

      4. "E" Class Victorians                                                 4. Entry Level Homes

The above video is a walk thru of our 6 landing back staircase 

     OUR HOMES HAVE A PURPOSE                           which does not preclude having some fun  as seen here in our invention :                                                                                          The Pickle man's  house


During the Gilded Age, "Shoppells Modern Mail order Home Catalogue showcased the Classical design of the Victorian home as an avant-garde in the era's great technology known as indoor plumbing and central heating.


In McGuffey"s Modern home Catalogue we playfully contrast the hand-drawn, vividly described pages with Granville's CAD-generated plans and today's bland advertising language.

ex: In 1887, "to paint a Victorian is a tale of foolishness, brute force, ignorance, stupidity, and terror...the ultimate joy."

BE SURE AND GO TO OUR 60-PAGE MVGUFFEY'S CATALOG ON THE MENU AND CHECK OUT THE OUR PAST AND PRESENT the right is a page out of the catalog with renderings below of the interior


pickleman 1.jpg
CATALOGUE FINAL #24 pickle 1887.jpg
New kimberly for model_edited_edited.jpg
pm office ray.JPG

Fittingly at the end of the homepage is                   The Granville Caboose

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