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To find out your PURPOSE







Granville Homes is a  Development Company that brings  LASTING  VALUE to the New Construction Market. 


  Called "Works of Art" these Vintage, Traditional, and Modern homes are for families with a focus on "How people live".....

  See how Each design doubles as a "Safety Net" providing separate, dignified, private space for family and friends who are going through tough times with work, health, or finances. Subtle Multi-Gen homes where family members can own instead of rent..







A short clip from a 20-year-old Company Video is just as                                    relevant today

THE ELLA-Tradional Victorian

ella home page.JPG
432 best pix.jpg

THE THEO-Neo Victorian

100-spir 5-Cait.jpg

THE CYNTHIA-Tradition    Victorian

100-spir 5-Cait_edited.jpg

THE CAITLIN-Neo Victorian

THE GRACE-Tradition       Victorian


THE CLAIRE-Neo Victorian

THE FRANCIS Neo Victorian

ron final lights night.jpg

THE JOYFUL Tradition                       Victorian

9 canal front ray.jpg

The above video is a walk thru of our 6-landing back staircase        Note: If you're worried about all the stairs?.. don't be
It is 5 feet wide allowing for a chair or wheelchair lift without impeding normal foot traffic.


Granville uses its copyrighted designs WITH the PURPOSE of bridging remote or underserved markets with ingenious designs. 

Architecture often supplies the virtues society lacks.  


FOR THE PURPOSE of Creating-                               Created WITH A PURPOSE -

      1. The Multi-Gen Home                                                1. The Six-level Home

      2. True Neighborhoods                                                 2. A "Christmas Court" 

      3. Mitigate marginal sites                                             3. Our "Works of Art"

      4. "E" Class Victorians                                                 4. Entry Level Homes

claire intrerior

          OUR HOMES HAVE A PURPOSE                         which does not preclude having some fun - seen here in our invention:   The Pickle man's House     
      An example of our Free in-house Chief Architect CAD Design service      


During the Gilded Age, "Shoppells Modern Mail order Home Catalogue showcased the Classical design of the Victorian home as an avant-garde in the era's great technology known as indoor plumbing and central heating.


In McGuffey"s Modern home Catalogue we playfully contrast the hand-drawn, vividly described pages with Granville's CAD-generated plans and today's bland advertising language.

ex: In 1887, "to paint a Victorian is a tale of foolishness, brute force, ignorance, stupidity, and terror...the ultimate joy."

Below is a page out of the catalog with renderings below of the interior


pickleman 1.jpg
CATALOGUE FINAL #24 pickle 1887.jpg
New kimberly for model_edited_edited.jpg

above is a breakfast area designed as a lunch bar in a Deli

pm office ray.JPG

A home office designed as a store front

Fittingly at the end of the homepage is                   The Granville Caboose

train rear.jpg

         A Train needs to be on a Track, structured by the Track to run                      properly. God's Track is found in God's Word. 

           Is a Train most free when it's bouncing across the field?

                        No, when it's confined to the Track!

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