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Multi-Gen Family Homes

The genesis of this plan is the Victorian Home with a 5' wide 

back staircase that reaches each of the home's 6 Distinct, Separate, Private, and Dignified

levels. and in place of a front staircase is a drop zone 

thereby creating a truly open floor plan.

We added fireplaces and pizza ovens under the deep-covered wrap-around porches and a list of 

features that make Granville a BRAND.

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Creating A True Neighborhood

In the early 20th century, Normal Rockwell, an American tour de force illustrator, began painting America the way

he wanted it to be. In a letter to George Lucas (a collector and student of Rockwell's work) from Norman Rockwell 

from biographer Marshal Stoltz, "Van foresees a merging of the ideals of Norman's work and the beauty of the 

Victorian home as a Planned Victorian community where people can again enjoy neighbors and neighborhoods as 

life used to be.


Mitigating Bad Sites

During the Real Estate downturn of the 90's Granville's parent company, Merchant Victorian homes introduced

our All Victorian "Planned Victorian homes". Certain Teed called them "Works of Art". We designed them as  

three-generation homes, forerunners of our modern Multi-Generational models, They mitigated poor sites and 

today they outperform Zillow estimates and all their neighbors in resale value.

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"E-Class Entry Level & Extended family"

The "E" Class includes the Entry level Ella series and the Extended family home Theo's.

These are FLEXIBLE designs where each of the different levels can be easily converted to a single living unit should the need arise.

And every inch of these beautiful homes is efficiently designed to make them relatively affordable.

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Victorian Design & Home Ownership With A Purpose

The three home periods described in the Cambridge Handbook of

personal relationships have the Victorian period as the most influential and enduring.

It was America's first family home with beauty, function, and unique

(purposeful) features. We have some fun connecting,  what was for us, our favorite movie, and the reminder the most important thing in a home is ..who's in it..

George and Mary lived in: The Granville House.



Today there are "Neo  (neo=new) renditions of our Traditional Core Models.

office and a virtual marketing program. For qualified buyers, Granville will modify

one of the dozens of its plans or start from scratch using CHIEF ARCHITECT CAD.



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